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Ane B. Fisker

Professor in Global Health at University of Southern Denmark
Phone: +45 50570593 / +245 966625316 

Publication list is available here.
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I have been affiliated with the Bandim Health Project since 2004, when I as a medical student travelled to Guinea-Bissau to conduct a research year. Today, I am responsible for running the health and demographic surveillance system. The close involvement in fieldwork and data collection in addition to data analyses and reporting has trained my research skills and made me develop a critical view on how the interventions are recommended and implemented in the field.

Based on fieldwork since 2004, I have become aware of the gaps between the intended and actual implementation of health programmes. The reality, as seen by the providers of health services in distant villages and by mothers seeking health services for their children, may look very different from how health policy implementation is described on paper. However, these gaps between intended and implemented health policies are frequently not visible because the data to assess the discrepancy is not being collected.

My work has focused on evaluating the implementation and real-life effects of health interventions in Guinea-Bissau. The publication list is available here.

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