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We regularly look for talented professionals for PhD or postdoc positions. The team also welcomes a number of pre-graduate students for research projects, annually. Vacancies and research project calls will be posted here. 

Master's students for research projects in Guinea-Bissau

Every year, we welcome 1-3 master degree students for a research year (10-12 months) with our research group.


This may be relevant to you if you are interested in global health and study a relevant subject area (including but not limited to medicine, public and global health) at a university which allows you to dedicate a full year to research.

A research year takes time to plan and secure funding for. Therefore, we welcome applications each year in November from students interested in joining our team from the beginning of the next fall semester or the following spring semester (i.e. 10 or 16 months later).

See the past call here (SDU students of medicine look here too)

Application deadline: November 3rd, 2024

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