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How can we improve the implementation of maternal and child health interventions?

We assess the real-life implementation and effects of maternal and child health programmes in Guinea-Bissau, where we also implement trials testing whether the vaccination programme can be improved.

  Measure - assess the real-life implementation and effects  

Assessing the effect of health interventions and identifying the performance indicators reflecting optimal implementation

  Implement - improve implementation and indicator selection  

Can we improve policy implementation and thereby health by measuring “the right” performance indicators?

  Moving beyond the HDSS - improving the tools  

While the HDSS is nationally representative and therefore provides evidence of the situation in Guinea-Bissau, such infrastructure is rare in low-income countries. Instead, both the coverage of health interventions and mortality is monitored through cross-sectional survey data and data collected through the health system. Using both our HDSS's data, we evaluate the effects of data collection methodology on mortality estimates.

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